Career & Employment Opportunities at First National Real Estate Yamba

Interested In A Career In Real Estate?

Congratulations on considering a career in real estate with  First National Real Estate Yamba.  This document has been designed to answer any questions you may have about the industry, and what it takes to become an agent.


About the industry
Real Estate is a fast paced, exciting industry that offers flexibility, autonomy and variety every single day.
If you are looking for a career where you can take control of your day to day activities, be responsible for your own income and results, meet people and receive training as you go, a career in real estate could be the answer for you.
If you are focused, passionate about helping people, good at listening and asking questions, trustworthy - then real estate could be an ideal career for you.
We have positions available for those that are enthusiastic, self motivated and willing to put in the effort required to be successful, and receive the rewards available.

Who is First National Real Estate Yamba?
First National Real Estate Yamba is part of Australia’s leading real estate group, First National Real Estate.  Situated in Coldstream Street, Yamba this multi-award winning agency is known for its results, customer focus, and friendly professional team.  Our motto “We Put You First” applies to clients, as well as the staff within the agency.
Our company has a vibrant culture with a strong customer focus and a long term commitment to high ethical standards and ongoing professional training.
At First National Real Estate Yamba we believe great sales and property management people are grown, not grafted.  We patiently educate and coach people through the early years of their careers and most importantly we pay salaries (rather than commission only) to staff while they learn.

Career paths
The Real Estate industry is one of the biggest employers in Australia.  There are an enormous number of positions available with varied and exciting career paths.  Departments include:  Sales, Property Management (permanent, holiday and commercial) and Administration.


How do I get started?
Complete a Certificate of Registration course, which can be done on-line, or face to face at a number of training companies.  Completing your certificate on line can be quicker, but there is nothing like learning from a professional.  There are three basic modules to the course which include (1) Preparing for Work in the Property Industry; (2) Working in the Real Estate Sector; (3) Communicating Effectively and Accurately with Clients.
This training covers the basics to get you started.  The Department of Fair Trading requires anyone entering Real Estate to have basic knowledge of the industry to enable compliance with legal and procedural requirements.
Consider your personal image regarding dress and how you present yourself.  This is a professional industry and your image plays a crucial role in your career.  How you present yourself will have an enormous bearing on how you are received in public.  Please note that First National Real Estate Yamba has a dress code which is in line with our corporate image.
How hard is it to succeed in Real Estate?
It all gets down to your ‘drive’.  Without drive and a strong desire to succeed, you will not last very long.  The biggest mistake people make when entering this industry is that they believe it is easy, and that anyone can do it.  This is incorrect.  You have to have the mindset of a winner.  You have to be goal orientated.  And most importantly you have to understand that it is up to you.  You will be rewarded in direct proportion to the amount of effort you are prepared to put in.
What are the hours?
One of the best quotes I have ever heard was from Lee Woodward in 2002:  “You can’t expect to enter this industry, work nine-to-five and think you’re going to set the world on fire”.  Truer words have never been spoken.
The basic hours are 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 1pm Saturday, with a day off during the week (usually a Wednesday or Thursday).  It is important to note that people who enter the industry and work these hours, statistically, will fail.
You should expect in the first six months at least to work 50 - 60 hours per week, six days (Monday – Saturday).
You should bear in mind that a lot of appointments will be around 5.00pm – 7.00pm, as this is usually when many people are able to inspect a property, and also the time when owners will be home, when you are listing property.
What is the income?
Most people in this industry earn around $50,000.  If you are driven, and you are the right person for the position, there is no ceiling on your income – it is up to you.
What is expected?
If you are successful and join our agency, you will be given clear direction and a Success Plan to assist you in your career.  You are, however, expected to adhere to a number of commitments:

You agree to:

  •     Show honesty and integrity at all times with your clients and the staff of First National Real Estate Yamba and our business partners
  •     Have a positive attitude
  •     Possess an attitude of “ownership” of your role
  •     Understand that you are a professional and you are responsible for your own results
  •     Have goals, and work with the Principal to achieve them through regular one-on-one meetings
  •     Monitor your own targets and source your own listings
  •     Demonstrate loyalty to the team (staff), and clients of First National Real Estate Yamba
  •     Be on time for team meetings, appointments, etc, without exception

From our agency you will receive:

  •     Outstanding support
  •     Continual guidance and training (from the Principal)
  •     A long term career path with potential to earn a high income
  •     Ongoing training
  •     The opportunity to work in an agency which is known for its culture, environment, and latest technology
  •     A role which is exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding

What do I need to start?

  •     You must have a reliable vehicle and a current driver’s licence
  •     A mobile phone
  •     Be willing to comply with the agency’s dress code
  •     A strong desire to succeed
  •     The right attitude
  •     A current Certificate of Registration

What skills do I need?
You must have basic computer skills. First National Real Estate Yamba uses Microsoft applications, Outlook, and Complete Data and Console (sales and property management databases).  You will be trained in the use of Complete Data and Console.  You will have administrative support.  You must, however, have an attitude for learning and professional development.  This is absolutely essential.
What does First National Real Estate Yamba provide?

  • The latest technology available
  • A great environment
  • Access to Complete Data and Console software (considered by many to be the best in the industry)
  • Training in house
  • External training with First National Real Estate
  • Access to an extensive library of books and audio programmes
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • High level of support within the agency

What are some of the pitfalls?
The biggest pitfall that agents make is that they underestimate the effort they need to put in to succeed.  Agents that don’t make it all have the same traits and expectations:

  •     They have a ‘9-5’ mentality
  •     They sit in the office behind their computer and complain that they are not given enough leads
  •     They believe that people who succeed are just lucky
  •     They treat their role as an office job
  •     They expect the public to line up and hand them the business without any effort on their part.

Put simply, they don’t get that their results are up to them, and instead blame the outside world – interest rates, the economy, the weather, the industry itself - in fact anything external.
What are some of the advantages?
We believe that Real Estate is the best industry in the world.  You can make as much or as little as you want – it is up to you.  You are in control of your day, week, year and your life.  You are your own boss.  You are treated as a business partner, a professional, and you will be part of a winning team.  You will have access to some of the best trainers in Australia.  Most importantly you will be in control of your own destiny, and work in one of the industry’s best real estate groups.
If you want to join our company, bring your CV in to Justine Lovell at our office - Suite 1 – 19/21 Coldstream St, Yamba.
All applications will be treated with the strictest of confidence.