Why Choose Us?

First National Real Estate Yamba is a company who believes that it is important to put back into the community we are so lucky to work in. We have been established and in the same Coldstream Street location for over 20 years and during this time we have established 3 businesses. A sales department (which is the leading agency in our town), a permanent property management division and our very busy holiday property management section. All 3 businesses are the leaders in their respected fields and we are blessed to have the best people in our region working in these sections of our business.

First National Real Estate Yamba is now a company with 10 staff who love what we do and love where we work. We know we are incredibly lucky to live and work in a region like ours, and we are passionate about providing the best service in the region. We are open 6 days a week and we pride ourselves on providing honest and up-to-date information on all areas of real estate. Feel free to contact us – about any local question – and we will be only too happy to help you in any way.



  1. We have been one of Yamba’s leading agent for over 15 years. We list and sell more homes than any other company in the Yamba, with a market share of around 30%.
  2. We obtain higher prices for our owners. We recognise that sellers pay our fees and we try very hard to obtain the highest price possible on every sale.
  3. We have a very high level of repeat business. More than 80% of our sellers have done business with us before.
  4. Our team consistently perform as individuals at State and National level in their respective fields
  5. We have the most highly trained staff in the region. We have a strong belief in sending our staff to as much training as possible.
  6. We have a great team and company culture. We have worked together for a long time and we genuinely click as a team.  We share information freely.
  7. We have one of the best websites in the region. We get more traffic through our site than many other popular sites in the area.
  8. We have the best photography available to sell your property. Many purchasers say this is what attracted them to the properties they ended up purchasing.
  9. We produce high quality communications / publications. Our Property Magazine and Market Report, and our weekly electronic newsletters are unmatched in the Yamba.
  10. We have a highly visible offices in Yamba, which has great street exposure. This results in us getting a large number of people visiting our offices, purely because of their location.
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