Friday 24 Aug 2018

Selling your home is a lot like baking a cake - it has ingredients, timing and temperature. Add them at the right time in the right order, bake at the right temperature and you’ll get a great result. If you use premium ingredients, you’ll get a better result than if you use cheap ingredients. But if you leave just one or two things out or change the temperature or the timing, you’ll still get a cake, but what it will look like will be a complete surprise and probably a disaster. It has to be done in order - you can’t put the icing mix in with the cake mix.

It’s the same when selling your property. There is a recipe and a process that brings the best results. But like with baking a cake, change any part of the process and you’ll get a poorer result and most likely lose money. It’s why we design a bespoke recipe to suit your needs, carefully mixing it in the right order and closely watching it while it bakes at the right temperature - a mixture that perfectly matches the temperature of the market.

Call us today to find out the best recipe for your home.